About Flora Viale

Flora Viale is a Italian sculptor and painter living in America whose work has been shown extensively worldwide for over 30 years. Her most recent exhibitions, the Hammond Museum and at The Westchester Council for the Arts, featuring both site-specific installations and fixed multimedia, elaborate on an abiding interest in the incorporation of natural and found materials. These pieces range from collage construction on an intimate scale, and the assemblage of a hundred "bugs" made of mud, plastic, wire, sculpting wax and paper, to an open-park ordination of branches laid over a 500-meter distance, which the audience is invited to change as they move through it.

Renowned for her innovative teaching methodology and interactive workshops, Ms Viale continues to consult and direct group master classes at museums, galleries, schools and community workshops at home and abroad.

To see some of Ms. Viale's artwork available for purchase, please click on Gallery. Ms Viale accepts private commissions through the contact provided.

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Flora Viale - portrait